Speed writing abc shorthand method

This version modified a few of the abbreviating principles also. For other systems dictionaries of abbreviations are not available.

Comparison between EasyScript and ABC Stenoscript

These are systems that vastly cut down on the characters or strokes of a pen needed to express an idea. Developed by the Austrian Charles Bliss, Blissymbolics was originally conceived as a universal written language that all native language speakers speaking thousands of different languages could learn and communicate in.

Word processing software, such as Word, could possibly be set up to decode and expand words as you type which would allow you to speed type. Here's an example from The Joy of Pitman Shorthand.

Separates words into five categories: Alexander Melville Bell, whose more famous son was Alexander Graham Bell of telephone fame, developed Visible Speech in as a kind of universal alphabet that reduces all vocal sounds into a series of symbols. Shorthand systems based on alphabetic characters can always fall back on longhand where clarity is important or when you might forget what an abbreviation stands for, such as "RCWs" standing for "red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Obviously, using only abbreviations of commonly used words significantly limits speed and efficiency and 5, abbreviations are still insufficient for business and personal applications. Dictionaries are available to show you how to outline tens of thousands of words, but the need for such dictionaries should tell you something of the inherent ambiguities of the system.

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Blissymbolics Blissymbolics is a rather intriguing effort to create a modern ideographic writing system based on concepts rather than words. The availability of a full range of vowel symbols, however, makes complete accuracy possible. In fact, most of the symbols used for the consonants are the same as used in Gregg Shorthand.

The "oo" sound has 29 different spellings: This system was influenced by the handwriting shapes that Gabelsberger had introduced. Abbreviation is faster and transcription time is reduced.

At first, the principle of positioning to express omitted vowels—i.

The not complete-idiot's guide to:

Stenographic shorthands can be further differentiated by the target letter forms as geometric, script, and semi-script or elliptical. A Handywrite Web site is available to aid in learning the system for free. Few if any new symbols need to be learned.


It is not easy to learn or become proficient in, but it is fast up to 10X faster than longhand. Prior to the Meiji era, Japanese did not have its own shorthand the kanji did have their own abbreviated forms borrowed alongside them from China.

Having seen students struggle to master the complexities of symbol-based shorthand systems and stenotype theory, Dearborn decided to design a system that would be easier to learn.

Lines are also written thin or thick using a special flexible fountain pen tip, though a pencil will work. It is the exact opposite of printing alphabetic characters by hand; handwritten text is readable, but blocky and slow to write, while Gregg Shorthand is highly cursive and fast, but only marginally readable.

In addition, there is the Yamane pen shorthand of unknown importance and three machine shorthands systems Speed Waapuro, Caver and Hayatokun or sokutaipu. Because the operator uses all fingers and both thumbs, any number of keys can be struck simultaneously.

English spelling is so quirky that winning a spelling bee is a major achievement, and even the champs falter at some point. Byrd commissioned Dearborn to teach her shorthand system to some members of his upcoming polar expedition.

But Japanese motions of writing gave some influence to our shorthand. On average, there are at least 13 different ways to spell each sound in frequently used Engish words. However, a great deal of time must be spent on memorization using such systems and retention is difficult unless you practice writing the outlines on a daily basis.

Nov 07,  · To learn shorthand, start by choosing one shorthand system to study, like the New Era Pitman system or the Gregg Simplified system. Then, find books for learning that system of shorthand online or at your local library, including a shorthand dictionary%().

Jun 28,  · Shorthand is a method of speed-writing in which you substitute a symbol for a sound or a letter. It is a great way to take notes fast, whether you are jotting down your thoughts during a class or making notes during an interview%(73).

Speedwriting is the trademark under which three versions of a shorthand system were marketed during the 20th century.

Comparison between EasyScript and ABC Stenoscript

The original version was designed so. How Shorthand Writing Can Improve Your Note-Taking Skills. Search the site GO. there are fewer of them to write which will increase your speed! Tips for Using Shorthand. The trick is to develop a good system and to do it well.

To do that, you have to practice. Try these tips. Existing shorthand systems provide non-alphabetical symbols or outlines for words and common phrases to write them in a short form and increase the writing speed. A number of writing strokes is significantly reduced and a high speed can be attained.

Speedwriting Overview. Various systems of speed writing based on alphabetic characters have been introduced over the last 50 years.

Among common flaws of these speedwriting systems are limited vocabulary and abbreviations which aren't logical.

Speed writing abc shorthand method
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