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Cash equivalents are highly liquid investments that can be converted into a specific amount of cash. Use one-third of a month for the DeKalb Bank note. We have all assignments, quizzes, discussion questions and homework problems for ACC and many other Strayer classes.

Internal control is most effective when several people are responsible for a given task.

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A highly automated computerized system of accounting eliminates the need for internal control. Only large companies need to be concerned with a system of internal control. Internal control is most effective when several people are responsible for a given task. Expressing an opinion as to the fairness of the information presented in financial statements is a service performed by CPAs.

During the first 2 weeks on the job, the accountant made the following errors in journalizing transactions. So even if you just got a big raise or a fabulous new job, you may be able to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and beat the Means Test if you move fast.

Internal transactions do not affect the basic accounting equation because they are economic events that occur entirely within one company. As noted above, you will eliminate your credit card debts, gasoline card debt, medical bills, pay day loans, lawsuits, judgments, unpaid balances on repossessions or foreclosures, personal loans, guarantees and more.

In order to possess future service potential, an asset must have physical substance.

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Electronic funds transfer EFT is a disbursement system that uses telephone or computer to transfer cash from one location to another. The comparative statements of Beulah Company are presented below. Most of the presentations and slideshows on PowerShow. In a voucher system, vouchers are prepared in the accounts receivable department.

No dividends were declared during the year. Internal control is mainly concerned with the amount of authority a supervisor exercises over a subordinate. That's all free as well.

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Accounting communicates financial information about a business enterprise to both internal and external users. David understood how we felt and dealt The basic accounting equation is in balance when the creditor and ownership claims against the business equal the assets.

Our attorneys have filed and handled literally thousands of bankruptcy cases and we are experts at guiding people through the process and getting you the relief you deserve. The study of accounting is not useful for a business career unless your career objective is to become an accountant.

The bonds pay interest twice a year. During the year, the following transactions occurred. Instructions Prepare the entries, if any, on each of the three dividend dates. An effective system of internal control requires that at least two individuals be assigned to one cash drawer so that each can serve as check on the other.

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A voucher system is used by many large companies as a means of controlling cash receipts. Prepare the following for Machine A. The receivables turnover was times times times timesMultiple Choice Question 49Which one of the following is not a tool in financial statement analysis?Ratio analysisHorizontal analysisVertical analysisCircular analysis3-IFRS Multiple Choice Question Under IFRS, there is no classification forchanges in accounting.

ACC Entire Course. ACC Assignment 1 Review of Accounting ACC Assignment 2 You Are an Entrepreneur!.doc.

ACC Assignment 3 You Are an Investment ACC Week 7 Chapter 11 (E,E,E,PA).doc. ACC Week 7 ACC Week 7 PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREEListed below are five procedures followed by Parson Company Several individuals operate the cash register using the same register dr.

Feb 06,  · The origins of accounting are generally attributed to Socrates, a classical Greek philosopher, who promoted accounting as a social contract. d. The information that a user of financial information needs depends upon the kinds of decisions the user makes.

ACC WileyPLUS – Chapter 1 – Scribd ACC – WileyPLUS Homework Chapter 1. Exercise Your answer is correct.

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The following situations involve accounting principles and assumptions. For each of the three situations, state if the accounting method used is correct or incorrect. Read More. ACC Week 2 Chapter 3 (E,E,E,PA) % Scored] ACC Assignment 3 You Are an Investment Analyst ACC Week 3 Chapter 4 (E,E,E,PA) % Scored.

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